Philips Recalled CPAP Products Liability Litigation

In re Philips Recalled CPAP, Bi-Level PAP, And Mechanical Ventilator Products Litigation, MDL No. 3014 (W.D. Pa.). The Court appointed Mr. Schwartz as Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel in this multi district litigation alleging claims for economic losses, medical monitoring and personal injury in connection with Philips’ recall of millions of  CPAPs, BiPAPs and ventilators that contained polyester-based polyurethane foam that degrades into particles and emits volatile toxic compounds. The parties reached a proposed settlement of the economic loss claims that requires the Philips Defendants to pay a minimum of $479 million to consumers and third party payors who paid or reimbursed for the purchase of the recalled devices. This case is ongoing with respect to claims for personal injury and medical monitoring.

Attorneys for this case:

Steven A. Schwartz
Beena M. McDonald
Alex M. Kashurba