Qui Tam/Whistleblower Representation

The lawyers at Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP have a long history of representing individuals who have been victimized by corporate wrongdoing. In the course of those cases, we have seen situations where employees of a company have sought to take steps to stop and correct fraudulent misconduct by their employers. These situations can give rise to whistleblower protection cases and qui tam litigation. We represent clients advancing claims under the False Claims Act and other similar state and federal statutes, as well as through the SEC and IRS whistleblower programs.

Whistleblowers are individuals with first-hand knowledge of fraud or similar wrongdoing by an employer or other business. Whistleblower actions enable private citizens to “step into the shoes” of the government to bring claims on its behalf against bad actors that have financially harmed the government and, indirectly, American taxpayers. Examples of actionable conduct include overcharging the government for a product or service, seeking reimbursement through government-sponsored health programs for services that were not actually provided, or failure to pay amounts owed to the government. In successful actions, whistleblowers are typically entitled to a percentage of the recovery obtained on behalf of the government. This amount is provided for by statute or under the regulations governing a particular whistleblower program (e.g., the IRS whistleblower program). These rewards can be highly lucrative, sometimes amounting to nearly one-third of the government’s recovery.

Our lawyers pride themselves on their commitment to the protection and representation of courageous whistleblowers across the United States. We recognize the unsettling and precarious circumstances facing whistleblowers who take action to speak out and fight against employer and corporate wrongdoing. Those with the courage to confront bad-acting employers and businesses about wrongful and illegal conduct within the corporate structure are afforded strong protections under federal and state law. The False Claims Act (as well as other qui tam laws) and the IRS and SEC whistleblower programs provide fulfilling and financially rewarding means by which whistleblowers can shine a light on fraudulent and illegal conduct.

If you are interested in pursuing a whistleblower claim or submitting information to the government relating to fraud or wrongdoing, please contact the lawyers at Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith.

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