• Advancing the Rights of Shareholders and Consumers

    “[The verdict and settlement qualified]as an exceptional result” in “a very difficult case… a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 9 or 10…”
    In re Real Estate Associates Limited Partnership Litig.

    Corporate MismanagementConsumer Fraud & Defective Products
  • A Record of Outstanding Recoveries

    “Plaintiff’s counsel’s efforts achieved a significant monetary benefit [estimated at $440 million] . . . this settlement provides for one of the larger benefits achieved in shareholder derivative litigation settlements in Delaware Chancery Court.”
    City of Roseville Employees’ Retirement System, et al. v. Ellison, et al Shareholder Litig.

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  • Your Advocates in a Complex Legal World

    “Plaintiffs’ counsel pursued this complex case diligently, completely and professionally” and “achieved a successful result.”
    In re CNL Hotels and Resorts, Inc. Federal Securities Litig.

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  • The Experience that gets Results

    “Despite facing significant factual and legal hurdles, Lead Plaintiff’s Counsel were ultimately successful in negotiating a large settlement [valued at $200 million] on behalf of the Class Members.”
    In re Kinder Morgan, Inc. Shareholders Litig.

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  • Why Settle?

    “In a case that was originally worth less than a tank of gas,… Chimicles & Tikellis reached a settlement with T-MobileUSA worth almost $2.2 million…”
    Legal Intelligencer

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A Relentless, Dedicated National Class Action Law Firm

Chimicles & Tikellis LLP has significant experience in prosecuting complex federal and state class actions throughout the nation, and achieving substantial and groundbreaking results. Institutional investors, individuals and businesses have relied on C&T for over 30 years for litigating shareholder, real estate investment trust (REIT), consumer protection, automotive defect and antitrust class actions.  Having recovered billions of dollars on behalf of clients and ensuring their rights are enforced, the C&T lawyers have earned a reputation as skilled and aggressive litigators.

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Noteworthy Recoveries

170 Million

Settlement for purchasers and lessees of cars that failed to deliver advertised fuel-economy.

65.7 Million

Settlement for anticompetitive conduct designed to delay entry of generic versions of a drug.

185 Million

Landmark jury verdict in a securities fraud and breach of fiduciary duty REIT class action.

53 Million

National class action settlement for improper denial of warranty coverage for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

200 Million

Action challenging a management led buyout that resulted in the largest common fund in a merger and acquisition settlement.

154 Million

One of the largest stockholder derivative settlements that resulted in benefits flowing directly to stockholders.

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