Institutional Client Services

Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP (CSK&D) attorneys are ready to apply our extensive knowledge and trial experience in assisting institutions in the litigation of the following shareholder rights and securities laws:

  • Shareholder and investor rights, including litigating claims involving federal securities laws
  • Claims on behalf of shareholders in companies being sold, acquired or participating in a business combination
  • Shareholder derivative claims

We’ve achieved outstanding recoveries representing public pension plans, public funds, Taft Hartley funds and individuals in the areas of securities portfolio monitoring, claims evaluation and shareholder litigation. CSK&D can assist with:

  • Monitoring investments in securities portfolios for potential losses incurred as a result of legally compensable wrongdoing.
  • Evaluating the facts and potential legal claims involving investments for which you may have suffered a significant monetary loss. We then advise you whether to initiate legal action and if so, we recommend what type.
  • Evaluating the facts and legal claims asserted in filed securities litigation. We then advise you whether you should lead the action by seeking Lead Plaintiff status, file an individual action or monitor the litigation as a class member.
  • Providing legal advice on whether or not to opt out of pending securities litigation and object to settlements.
  • Providing legal counsel in individual or class action securities litigation, shareholder rights litigation and shareholder derivative lawsuits.
  • Portfolio Monitoring to identify possible violations of federal and/or state securities laws, instances of abuse by corporate management, breaches of fiduciary duties and other corporate misconduct that are adversely affecting your securities. We can also provide a quarterly report summarizing newly filed securities class actions involving companies in your portfolio.
  • Claims Evaluation to identify potential legal claims, including securities fraud and corporate wrongdoing in securities markets. We then recommend the appropriate course of action, which, in some instances, could mean taking legal action.
  • Shareholder Litigation Counsel for complex shareholder actions. We have a long-standing reputation of advocating client interests while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and respect for opposing counsel. At CSK&DS, we recommend settlement if it is in your best interest, but we are always ready to proceed to trial. Our opponents know this, which maximizes the settlement value of our cases.

We’re ready to assist you, so call us or click here to discuss your situation with a CSK&D attorney.