CSK&D Files Class Action Lawsuit Against OneTouchPoint for Medical Information Data Breach

On August 17, CSK&D and its co-counsel filed a class action complaint against OneTouchPoint, Inc., a vendor that provides printing and mailing services to various health insurance carriers and medical providers, for claims arising out of a data breach that occurred at OneTouchPoint in April 2022.  The data breach occurred on or around April 27, 2022 and exposed consumer information, including medical information, stored by OneTouchPoint for its health provider customers. OneTouchPoint did not announce the data breach publicly until several months later on July 27, 2022, when it began notifying consumers that their data had been compromised. The data breach impacted the sensitive health information of over one million customers of nearly 40 health insurance carriers and medical providers. The lawsuit alleges that consumers whose information was exposed to unauthorized access have experienced or now face a heightened risk of identity theft and fraud. The compromised information includes consumers’ names, member IDs and information that may have been provided during a health assessment. The class action suit seeks to cover a class of all United States residents whose private information was compromised in the data breach notice published by OneTouchPoint on or around July 27, 2022.

Attorneys for this case:

Alex M. Kashurba