Subaru Automobile Soy-Based Car Components – Class Action Investigation

Subaru Automobile Soy-Based Car Components – Class Action Investigation

C&T is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Subaru relating to its use of soy-based materials in the automobile manufacturing process. Specifically, certain Subaru automobiles are reportedly built with a number of soy-based components or parts, including soy-covered electrical wiring, wire harnesses, insulation, fuel lines, battery caps, and other under-the-hood components or parts. These soy-based parts can attract rodents. It has been reported that rodents have chewed through and damaged wiring, hoses, fuel lines, and other soy-based parts in these vehicles, resulting in costly repairs to vehicle owners. It has also been reported that Subaru will not cover the cost of rodent-related damage and repairs.

If you have purchased a Subaru automobile and have experienced the above or other issues or damage that has been determined to be rodent-related, please contact us using the link on this page.

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Attorneys for this case:

Benjamin F. Johns
Andrew W. Ferich