Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Monitor – Class Action Investigation

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Monitor – Class Action Investigation

Chimicles & Tikellis LLP is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Samsung relating to its SmartThings home automation platform. Specifically, C&T is investigating numerous reports and complaints of glitches and security issues with the SmartThings platform.

Samsung has reportedly received a large number of complaints about glitches with its smart home hub, with some users calling the system “fatally flawed.” It has been reported that users complain that their devices randomly disconnect from the system or turn on and off without command. One user of the SmartThings system complained that the system made her lights switch on and off and set her house alarm off for no reason. The technical difficulties with SmartThings have reportedly been so prevalent that, in late April 2016, Rule Machine, a smart home app for making smart home devices perform complex tasks, withdrew support for the SmartThings system. As a result of these issues with SmartThings, many users report that they are forced to simply disable their SmartThings system.

Even more recently in early May 2016, researchers at the University of Michigan announced that they had uncovered a series of vulnerabilities in the SmartThings system that can allow hackers to take control of various functions and break into a user’s home. Following a security analysis of the SmartThings system, researchers concluded that criminals could gain entry to houses or take over SmartThings functions using a number of security attacks, including:

  •  use of a lock-pick malware app,
  • remote replication of an additional key for the electronic lock,
  • use of a smart app to turn off SmartThings vacation mode and disable certain security features used for when residents are away from home, and
  • sending false messages through a smart app to make home fire alarms trigger through the SmartThings system.

The glitches and technical issues experienced by users of the SmartThings system, as well as the recently reported security issues and hackability of the platform, raise large concerns for and potentially jeopardize the safety and security of consumers and their homes. If you have purchased a Samsung SmartThings home automation system and have experienced any of the above or other defects/glitches with the system, or have been subjected to a security breach or hack, please contact the attorneys listed below using the link on this page.

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Attorneys for this case:

Benjamin F. Johns
Andrew W. Ferich