ProVia Door, Inc. CedarMAX Siding – Class Action Investigation

C&T is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against ProVia Door relating to its CedarMAX siding products. ProVia advertises its CedarMAX siding as being top quality but in reality, the siding is defective and fails under normally expected weather conditions. Specifically, the siding fails to withstand normally expected seasonal temperatures, specifically summer temperatures, and as a result, the product warps, rips, buckles, bulges, melts, or otherwise fails. The result is that consumers are forced to pay large amounts of money for replacement of siding and for the damage caused by siding and its failure to other parts of consumers’ properties. Reports indicate that ProVia continues to sell this product and to make false representations about quality and useful life of its CedarMAX siding when the product fails well before the end of its warranted or useful life.

If you or anyone you know has purchased and had ProVia CedarMAX siding installed and have experienced any of the above issues, please contact us using the link on this page.

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