Mini Cooper Timing Chain Tensioner Defect – Class Action Investigation

C&T is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Mini Cooper (BMW) related to an engine defect in some of its 2007-09 Mini Cooper R56 and the 2008-09 Mini Cooper R55 vehicles.  This defect could result in owners having to pay thousands of dollars to repair or replace the timing chain tensioners in those vehicles.  The alleged problem is a defect in the Mini’s timing chain tensioner, which is supposed to maintain an appropriate tension of the engine’s timing chain. The timing chain controls the timing of the engine’s valves, but when the chain doesn’t have proper tension or synchronization, the engine’s pistons and valves collide with great force and the engine components suffer so much damage that the engine seizes and the vehicle loses all power.
If you or someone you know has had to pay repairs related to the timing chain tensioners in a 2007-09 Mini Cooper R56 or 2008-09 Mini Cooper R55, please use the “Email us about this Case” button to contact the attorneys listed below.

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