Jet.Com Membership Fees – Class Action Investigation

Chimicles & Tikellis is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who signed up for Jet’s annual membership.  Jet advertised itself as an online marketplace that would offer discounts on millions of goods in exchange for consumers paying a monthly membership fee. Jet also offers a Jet Anywhere program where members can make purchases from other retailers through a hyperlink on to earn Jet Cash points.

Recently, Jet removed approximately 100 brands owned by approximately 70 different companies, including Wal-Mart, Gap, Walgreens, Williams-Sonoma, L’Oreal, and others, at the companies’ request.  As a result, it has been alleged that Jet does not offer the product selection it advertised to the public when they signed up for an account and paid the membership fee.

If you or someone you know purchased an annual membership from Jet.Com, please use the “Email us about this Case” button to contact the attorneys below.

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