Google Ads Anticompetitive Business Practices – Class Action Investigation

CSK&D is interested in speaking with publishers of online advertisements about their experiences using Google Ads and the Google Ad server.  Recent news reports indicate that Google has been engaging in anti-competitive practices in connection with running advertisement auctions through its advertisement exchange. Reports indicate that Google rigs these auctions to benefit its own revenues. For example, Google allegedly gives preferential treatment to advertisers bidding through Google’s own advertisement exchange, awarding more winning bids to Google’s own exchange, and punishing bidders bidding through non-Google ad exchanges.  This practice has the anti-competitive effect of pushing advertisement publishers to Google’s own exchange. Other reports indicate that Google has also resorted to surcharging bids submitted through non-Google ad exchanges and has imposed auction bidding floors on its ad server to prevent bids submitted through rival exchanges from undercutting bids placed through Google’s own exchange.  This conduct has the effect of making it more beneficial for publishers to turn to Google’s ad exchange, thus reducing competition and eliminating publisher revenue-maximizing strategies during the ad auction process.

CSK&D is specifically interested in speaking with advertisement publishers who participated in the Google ad server through non-Google exchanges, or who were forced to turn to Google’s ad exchange.

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Attorneys for this case:

Benjamin F. Johns
Beena M. McDonald
Samantha E. Holbrook
Alex M. Kashurba