Energy Star Potential Litigation

Energy Star Potential Litigation

Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP (CSK&D) is investigating a potential lawsuit related to various appliances that were claimed to qualify for an “Energy Star” efficiency rating, but reportedly did not. Energy Star qualified appliances are generally required to use 20% less energy than standard models, and typically cost more. CSK&D is investigating allegations that these appliances did not, in fact, properly qualify for the Energy Star efficiency rating. If you have purchased any of the appliances listed below, please contact me:

• Friedrich Room Air Conditioner models Model YM18M34-A, US12C1, US10C30, CP15F10, and SS12M30.
• Electrolux Gibson Air Conditioner model GAH105Q2T1.
• Equator Clothes Washer model EZ 3720 CEE.
• ASKO Dishwasher model D5122XXLB.
• Electrolux Air Conditioner model FRA256ST2.
• Electrolux Room Air Conditioner model FRA256ST2.
• Perlick Refrigerators models Model HP48RO-S and HP72ROO-S.
• Whirlpool Dishwasher models Model ASD2524VE and MVWC6ESWW1.
• Friedrich Room Air Conditioners models CP15F10, YM18M34-A, SS12M30, CP15F10, US12C10, and US10C30.
• Electrolux Chest Freezer model FFN09M5HW.
• Electrolux Refrigerator-Freezer model EW26SS70I.
• Samsung refrigerator model RF26VAB.

If you have purchased one of the appliances listed above, please contact the attorneys below.

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Attorneys for this case:

Benjamin F. Johns