CSK&D Files Amended Complaint in Ps5 Drift Litigation

On May 5, 2021, CSK&D filed an Amended Complaint on behalf of 6 plaintiffs from 6 different states against defendant Sony Interactive  Entertainment LLC. All six of the plaintiffs exercised their right under Sony’s terms-and-conditions to opt-out of arbitration to pursue their claims in court versus arbitration.  The lawsuit seeks class action status on behalf of all consumers who purchased PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers to use when playing their PS5 console.  The Amended Complaint alleges that the PS5 DualSense controllers suffer from a defect known as “drift.”  Specifically, it is alleged that when a user experiences drift, the joystick on the PS5 DualSense controllers  will automatically register movement when the joystick is not being touched by the user, causing significant interference with gameplay. The Amended Complaint asserts claims for breach of warranty, fraud, and violations of numerous state consumer protection statutes.

If you would like more information about this case, please either fill out the intake form found here or contact the attorneys listed below. A copy of the Amended Complaint can also be accessed by clicking here.

Attorneys for this case:

Benjamin F. Johns
Samantha E. Holbrook
Alex M. Kashurba