Coppertone SPF 55+ False Advertising – Class Action Investigation

Chimicles & Tikellis is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who purchased one of Coppertone’s SPF 55 to SPF 100 products.  It has been alleged that the representations of superior UV protection on the Coppertone products with an SPF of 55 and higher are false and misleading as scientific tests demonstrate SPF 100 blocks 99% of UV ways, whereas SPF50 blocks 98% of UV rays.  It has been further alleged that the advertisements on the Coppertone products are likely to deceive a reasonable consumer who believes SPF 55 and above will provide a material difference in the amount of protection from UV rays as compared to lower SPF products.

If you or someone you know purchased a Coppertone SPF product between SPF 55 and SPF 100, please use the “Email us about this Case” button to contact the attorneys below.

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