Cerebral Opt-Out of Arbitration Instructions

Cerebral recently updated its terms and conditions. They now provide a way for you and others to opt-out of the arbitration clause and class action waiver. Companies like Cerebral will often include an arbitration clause in their terms and conditions that you are required to agree to in order to sign-up for their subscription. If an arbitration clause is enforceable, consumers may not be able to pursue their claims in a traditional court, or on a classwide basis. We encourage you to opt-out of the arbitration clause to preserve your consumer rights.

Under the recent amendment, you have until June 13, 2022 to opt-out of Cerebral’s arbitration clause and class action waiver  by sending an email to the following address, opt-out@cerebral.com. Otherwise you have 30 days following the date you signed-up to opt-out of the arbitration clause.

To assist with the effort of sending out this opt-out letter, we have set-up a DocHub letter template, which you can fill-out without needing to print or scan anything. You can find this prepared opt-out template here. There is no charge to you to  fill out and submit this form

Here are some step-by-instructions on how to navigate the opt-out letter template on DocHub:

  1.  After clicking on the link above, you’ll be directed to what looks like a Google Docs. document page where the template of letter was uploaded. Click on “Fill a Copy,” and sign in directly with an existing Gmail account, or you’ll need to register with your own personal email.
  2. You’ll be taken back to the document after signing-in. From there, click “Fill a Copy” again, agree to the terms at the top left hand part of the screen. Then fill-out each blank space as directed by the prompt. You can click “Next Field” to go from one blank space to the other.
  3. When finished, click “Finalize” and you’ll have a finished copy to maintain for your records. You can print it out using the drop-down menu on the top right after finishing. Or you can pull the PDF that gets sent to the email you used for logging into DocHub. Our firm will receive a finalized copy of this opt-out form.

After you finalize the letter, we will handle  emailing the letter to Cerebral on your behalf, unless you’d prefer emailing it yourself to opt-out@cerebral.com. Please send us a courtesy copy of the letter if you do decide to email it out yourself.

Please note that completing this step of opting out does not create an attorney-client relationship with our firm.

For any questions, technical assistance, etc., or to find out more information about the case, you are welcome to reach out to us by filling-out the form provided below.

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