CA Technologies Software Maintenance Protection Plans Investigation

Chimicles & Tikellis is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers, entities, and other organizations who purchased and renewed a maintenance protection plan in connection with management software purchased from CA Technologies.  Most CA customers buy a maintenance protection plan along with their initial software purchase, which typically lasts for a one year term.  These maintenance protection plans are also referred to as “software maintenance,” “software protection,” “upgrade protection,” and “maintenance renewal.”

It is alleged that CA Technologies had a practice of aggressively urging customers to renew their maintenance protection plans early to prevent any lapses in technical support and to avoid upgrade fees.   This resulted in many customers renewing days, weeks, or months before their original plan was set to expire.  However, CA Technologies would allegedly start the new maintenance protection plan term on the date the renewal was received, instead of on the later date the old maintenance plan expired.  This deprived the consumer of the full value of their purchase.

If you or someone you know has purchased and renewed a maintenance protection plan through CA Technologies, please use the “Email us about this Case” button to contact the attorneys below.

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