Automotive Wire Harness Systems – Price Fixing Class Action Lawsuit

Chimicles & Tikellis has filed a class action lawsuit in the Eastern District of Michigan against several suppliers of automotive wire harness systems. Automotive wire harness systems are automotive electrical distribution systems and wires contained in virtually all modern cars. The entities named as defendants in the complaint are Delphi Automotive LLP, Furukawa Electric Co., LTD, Lear Corp., Leoni AG, Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD., S-Y Systems Technologies GMBH, Yazaki Corp., and Yazaki North America, Inc.

The complaint filed by C&T alleges that, over the course of the last decade, the defendants conspired and engaged in other anticompetitive conduct to fix the prices for automotive wire harness systems. According to the complaint, Furukawa recently plead guilty for its role in a criminal price fixing conspiracy in the market for automotive wire harness systems. The complaint states that several of the other defendants have been raided or investigated for their role in the alleged conspiracy. According to the complaint, this alleged conspiracy resulted in consumers paying inflated prices for their cars.

The complaint filed by C&T asserts claims under section 1 of the Sherman Act, and various state antitrust, consumer protection, and unjust enrichment laws. It seeks class action status on behalf of a class of people and entities that indirectly purchased automotive wire harness systems from the defendants, including as a stand-alone replacement product or as a component of a new motor vehicle.

A copy of the complaint filed by C&T can be viewed below.

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