Arsenic in Wine – Potential Class Action

Chimicles & Tikellis LLP is investigating allegations that there are high levels of arsenic (a known carcinogen) and other hazardous materials in certain brands of wine.  It has been reported that an independent laboratory which recently tested over 1,300 bottles of wine found high arsenic levels in almost 25% of them. Some of these bottles reportedly had as much as five times the maximum level of arsenic the Environmental Protection Agency allows for drinking water.

It has been reported that tests for Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck White Zinfandel, came in at three times the limit; a bottle of Ménage à Trois Moscato was four times the limit; and a Franzia Blush had five times the EPA limit for drinking water. A spokesperson for the laboratory has reportedly said that “the lower the price of wine on a per-liter basis, the higher the amount of arsenic.”

If you have purchased wine that you suspect may have elevated levels of arsenic, please contact the attorneys below about our investigation.

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