American Airlines Improper Credit Reduction/External Handling Fee

C&T is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against American Airlines relating to it charging external handling fees for application of airfare credits. Specifically, American Airlines only permits flight reservations to which a customer intends to apply a credit to be booked over the telephone. American Airlines does not permit consumers to use credit or credit codes in conjunction with booking flight reservations online. American has been reportedly charging external handling fees (e.g. $25) related to taking these over-the-phone reservations when consumers have no option other than to book a credited flight over the telephone. As a result, American may be charging an improper, unjustified credit-reducing fee to consumers who have no other option than to book a credited flight over the telephone.

If you or anyone you know has been charged an external handling fee or other fee relating to the purchase of an American Airline flight over the telephone to which a credit was applied, please contact us using the link on this page.

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